Multi-Storey Automated Smart Car Parking


  • 2019

This is a working model of a Multi-Storey Smart Car Parking System. It has a cylindrical design with multiple levels for parking which allows us to park multiple cars in a small space. This model was made for Intra-College Arduino Competition at Khwopa College of Engineering. In the competition, we succeeded in winning the "Most Innovative Project" title. Similarly, we modified the project and demonstrated it in the event SANKALPA - 2020 at Kathmandu University.

Talking about the hardware, it consists of two stepper motors. One motor controls the horizontal angle of the parking platform and another controls the height of the platform. Similarly, a DC motor is used for withdrawing and parking the car. It also has four ultra-sonic sensors which detect whether a slot is empty or full. All mechanism is controlled with an Arduino Mega microcontroller.

For the software part, the micro-controller was programmed with C++ language. The user interface was an android app made with the help of MIT App Inventor and the communication between the app and the micro-controller was done by Bluetooth.

The model is currently preserved at the Civil Engineering Department, Khwopa College of Engineering.