1-Axis Shake Table

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    This is an uni-axial Shake Table capable of simulating any recorded strong ground motion data or harmonic motions. This research project carried out by me and my team under the supervision of Dr. Chandra Kiran Kawan, Chief - Research & Development Unit, Khwopa College of Engineering. This project is fully funded by the research department.

    Speaking about the project, the mechanism and design is completely done from the ground up by me, and finally, along with my team, we gave this project a life. This is considered to be one of the most ambitious projects in Khwopa College of Engineering since it involves a thorough mechanical design, rigorous fabrication process with locally available materials,  intricate electronics assembly, and precise control with custom-built software.

    The salient features of the project are:

    • It can simulate sine wave with frequency 0-4 Hz and amplitude up to 250 mm
    • It can simulate any recorded strong ground motion
    • It can also simulate custom hand movement with potentiometer
    • It is controlled from PC through GUI built with help of python programming
    • It can carry load upto 150 KG *
    • We can visulaize the input and output data in real time and record it into storage