About Me

I am a Researcher @ Khwopa College of Engineering

I am a certified Civil Engineer (NEC registration number 32394) with a specialization in structural engineering, currently working as a researcher at Khwopa College of Engineering, Libali-08 Bhaktapur. I love to analyze the contemporary problems existing in society and come up with appropriate solutions for them – especially with help of technology. I am always fascinated by technological evolution and keep myself updated about the new technological trends in society. Especially in civil engineering, I like how modern inventions are shaping the current world. For example, with the invention of drones, photogrammetry has become so much more effective – we can perform surveying tasks within hours which would take weeks with conventional methods. I was fascinated by this idea so I did a project on Drone Survey during my college days. Similarly, the modern world is shaped by computer programming thus I always try to keep myself updated with the applications of programming in civil engineering. During my college days, I learned different programming languages like C, C++, python, dart, etc., and applied them in various of my projects. I am always excited to merge multiple engineering disciplines like computer programming, robotics, and electronics into civil engineering which as a result could give a new dimension to the civil engineering world. 

Currently, I am working on making a Shake Table from the foundation. I started this project during my eighth semester of undergraduate study and constantly upgraded it until now. I am involved in this project because I think this will solve a major problem in the Civil Engineering industry of Nepal. As Nepal is an Earthquake prone zone, we need to have proper knowledge about designing earthquake-resistant houses. For a proper understanding of the behavior of a structure during an earthquake, a shake table will be the appropriate tool. I found that the shake table was not easily available in Nepal; even though we can import it, it was very expensive for any normal educational institution to afford it. Furthermore, most of the shake tables available in Nepal are capable of simulating only harmonic motion which does not give a precise representation of the effect of the actual earthquake on the building. Thus, looking at these problems I decided to make my own shake table. 

In addition to solving problems in civil engineering, I tried to solve a prevailing problem of students in Nepal. The problem is regarding books to study. Since most of the students of Nepal are from poor economic backgrounds, some were not able to buy expensive books for their studies. Looking at this problem I founded a company named Sajha Kitab Pvt. Ltd. Sajha Kitab provides a common online platform where users can add ads for their used books for any reasonable price they want. Once a user uploads his/her ad, another interested buyer would look at the ad and if he/she finds the price and condition of the book reasonable, the buyer can contact the seller through the provided number and thus can buy the book. Sajha Kitab is a non-profit company which is solely established to help students. I developed the website and mobile application for the company on my own.